Top 10 Beauty Tips You Must Follow During The Summer


Summertime is fun time as it invites lot of pool parties, get-together and outings with your loved ones. While you take care of your health during the summer, it becomes equally essential to take care of your beauty. You do not need a lot of time or money to take care of your beauty and skin during the summers. On the other hand, spending just few minutes on your beauty and skin regime, everyday, will help you stay beautiful during the summer. Read about how some easy and simple tips can help enhance your beauty during the summertime.

  1. Gulp down good amount of water – If you want your skin to remain completely hydrated and beautiful this summer, you have to drink plenty of water every day. Remember, water is essential not only for the beauty of our skin but it is also necessary to bring out all the toxins from our body. If you find it a little difficult to drink lot of water every day, you can even add flavors to your plain water. For example, you can cut slices of cucumber or lemon and add it to your clean and fresh water. These slices will add a good taste to water and will make it easy for you to drink. The presence of good amount of water in your body will reflect directly on your skin in form of flawless and smooth looking skin.
  2. Treat your skin with Aloe Vera gel – If you desire for a lovely looking skin this summer, make Aloe Vera your companion. You can find Aloe Vera Gel readily available in the market. The best way to get pure Aloe Vera gel will be to grow the lovely plant in your home. It grows easily and speedily. To get a refreshing look, try treating yourself with Aloe Vera gel that is mixed with mashed cucumber and few lemon juice drops. Make sure to mix all three ingredients well and apply it all over your body. If you do not want to apply it on your entire body you can just spread it over your face and neck area. Leave this magical paste for about 30 minutes and then wash it off with plain water. All these ingredients will give you a radiant and fresh look.
  3. Cover yourself with sunscreen while stepping out – One of the most essential tips to stay beautiful during the upcoming summer is to make one rule, and that is, never step out of your home without wearing your sunscreen. Sunscreen is an essential item for all the summer beauty bags. Having the right sunscreen simply means that you will stay protected from the harmful rays of the scorching Sun. If you will not wear sunscreen while going out, your skin will get tanned and such repeated non- sunscreen outings will make your skin look ugly with time. Hence, make sure that you cover yourself with sunscreen and you can also carry it with your bag, so that whenever you need it again, you can apply it easily.  
  4. Use the banana and honey pack – Keeping your skin well hydrated is the key towards beauty this summer. While the market is loaded with different types of moisturizers that are made up of harmful chemicals, it is time to try something natural for a healthy skin. Nature has given us immense amount of things that are great for our health as well as beauty. For example, there are few natural ingredients that work as the best moisturizers. The best examples for the same are honey and banana as well. If you are worried about your extremely dry skin in summers, you can try a homemade face pack made up of banana, honey and Aloe Vera. Take 2 small spoons of honey and mix it with mashed banana. Also add one teaspoon of Aloe Vera Gel into it. Now, apply this paste over your skin. This easy face pack will make your skin extremely smooth and beautiful.
  5. Moisturize and exfoliate your skin – Let us now talk about another very important tip for a beautiful looking skin. Make it a rule to moisturize and exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. Many women think that moisturizing is not essential during summers but this is totally a misconception. You definitely need to moisturize your skin in almost all seasons. However, it is advisable that you choose a non sticky moisturizer on your skin so that your skin remains breathable. You can moisturize on a daily basis while the exfoliation process should be followed on a weekly basis. The exfoliation process will remove dead skin cells and will give you a rejuvenating look.
  6. Use sunglasses to cover your eyes – Eyes are the doorway to heart! Hence, you need to take care of your eyes in the right way. One important eye care tip during summers is that you should always wear sunglasses while stepping out. Your sunglasses should be of good quality and they should cover your eyes well. It is good news for all the women that these days big sunglasses are in trend. You can choose one as per your taste and wear it on a regular basis during the summer time. You can also use hats as they will provide shade over your head as well as eyes, keeping you safe from the scorching sun. Also, it is worth mentioning that you should always wash your face, especially the eyes, immediately after coming back to home. The dust particles and pollutants can create irritation in your eyes and your eyes may become red, swollen and itchy. Thus, wash your eyes frequently.
  7. Take care of your lips also – Our lips are very delicate and need attention during the summer time. Beauty experts recommend using a natural lip balm over your lips for smooth and soft lips. Especially, when you are planning to go out of your home, make sure that your lips are covered with a good quality lip balm.
  8. Make fresh fruits and vegetables a major part of your diet – There is a famous saying which says that you look what you eat! In short your healthy eating habits reflect directly on your skin. During summers, and even otherwise, one should remember to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet. The fresh and seasonal fruits as well as the vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals and other essential ingredients that help improve the collagen level of your skin. If you will follow a healthy and nutritious diet you will definitely stay beautiful and healthy.
  9. Wash your hair with natural shampoos – Most of us ignore our hair in summers. But the truth is that our hairs need care and attention especially during the summers. You should wash your hair daily with herbal and natural shampoos. Keep your scalp clean and dust free to stay safe from any kind of scalp allergy or irritation.
  10. Use waterproof makeup – You should be very careful while applying makeup during the summer time. There are certain rules that one should strictly follow while applying makeup during the sunny days. The first essential rule for summer makeup is that you should use makeup products that are completely water resistant. Be at your mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, kohl, foundation, face powder or anything else; make sure that they are waterproof in their nature. Also, you should apply light makeup during summers. For instance, use nude shades in choosing nail paints and lipsticks. Light makeup will give you a natural and pleasing look.

Enjoy the summers and stay beautiful with all the above mentioned tips. We wish you beautiful, memorable and happy summers!