Tips for How to Nurture Your New Born With Heavy Dose of Love & Care

Hurray, you have already crossed the journey of your pregnancy to your labor pain and finally overcome the issues with your delivery section, but the major part to handle begins here. You will not go back to your home alone as you will have your baby to accompany now. You have to start a new life and things are going to change by now. So, you need to be prepared for all those sleepless nights and caressing your new born with all love and pampering. You can even Google the things that you are confused about or can even take help from the information portals that give you detailed knowledge about all mother care tips. Here, I shall provide a few of those tips that will help you in starting a better life with your sweet blessings.

At first you have to be careful about the lactation period. Mother’s milk should be the only nutrition for the babies till at least six months. So, you need to be ready for that. While you are in the hospital for your delivery, you can consult the specialists there who shall provide you details related to breast feeding. Nurses are also available there who can show you how you can hold your breast for feeding and even let you take hold of the baby in a proper manner.

Apart from this, after going back home, you will have your family members and the elders who will share their experiences with you, don’t neglect the important ones and make sure that there is always someone with the baby. Don’t leave your new born alone.

The next step is to know how you have to handle your baby. There are some basic things associated with this step i.e. always wash your hands before you are holding the baby. We all know that babies don’t have proper immune system and it starts developing day by day. So, its better that you keep your hands clean so that there is no risk for infection or any such thing. You can also tell the same to others who are there to handle your kid.

Also, babies are tough to hold because you need to balance their head and neck. You have to support their head as well as neck every time you handle them. So, be cautious and don’t put force on your child, just do everything with lose grip.

According to the experts, every year a large number of babies are admitted to the hospital just because their parents have mishandled them due to negligence that caused the new born to suffer. So, always be on the safer side and never try to shake the baby. While you shake the baby, it caused bleeding in the brain and can be proven cause of toddler’s death. In case, you are waking up your child, tickle her feet or you can even pat her cheeks slowly.

You might have heard about the infant massage. Yes, it’s very important part of your new born good health especially if there are some issues with his/her health. Also, the massage helps you to build a strong bond with your baby and he will start feeling your touch and can even reply you with a big smile. So, you can this way bond with your new born and let him know how much you love his presence in your love.