How to Keep Your Child Healthy


Children are delicate, naughty, creative, cute and enthusiastic. They love to learn new things and are often curious about the newer concepts. If we make them learn and follow good habits at their early tender age, they will become habitual with time and will grow into healthy, happy and intelligent adults. Though, all of us know about the same, it is also a clear fact that children are not so easy to handle. However, being parents we cannot give up on them. A little discipline, punctuality and lot of love and affection will help them learn good and healthy concepts over a period of time. Now that we are talking about habits; it is important to mention that one of the most important habits that we need to develop in our children is the habits related to health. If you are looking for ways on how to keep your child healthy and which important healthy habits should he or she follow, just continue reading below and find out the same.

Inculcate healthy habits – If you want your child to remain healthy and happy, you will have to inculcate good and healthy habits in him or her. Healthy habits consist of lot of things. But the best part is that once you start following these good habits they become an essential part of your everyday routine. You can teach the similar fact to your children. Remember, that children are like soft mold and they can be shaped as per your desired expectations. They will simply start following your rules and habits with time. Some kids will learn them quickly while others may take a little longer. There are some basic healthy habits that every kid needs to learn. Keeping the nails short and trimmed, keeping the hair short and clean, brushing the teeth twice a day, chewing the food well, eating in a suitable speed and eating a healthy diet are only some of the many healthy habits that you can teach to your kids. Start with the basic healthy habits and then start increasing these habits one by one. Initially your kids may find it a little difficult to follow these habits every day, but doing the same thing every day will help them form regular habits.

Make him learn the proper way of washing hands – The reason why we are mentioning the habit of washing hands in a separate column is that hand washing is a very important and healthy habit. World Health Organization says that most of the diseases in children spread due to dirty hands. Unwashed hands contain lot of germs and bacteria that lead to various types of diseases. Hence, it is very essential to wash hands on a frequent basis. Let your children know about the same. Tell them how germs in their dirty hands can create problems related to their health. Teach them to wash their hands after coming back from school, before and after taking meals and most importantly, after using the washroom or restroom.

Give him healthy and nutritious food – When it is about health of your child, healthy and nutritious food makes for the most important option. You cannot imagine your child to be healthy without giving him nutritious meals. By nutritious meal, we mean that your child should get all the necessary vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and protein in his or her diet. The simple formula to include all these essential elements in his diet is to make a colorful platter which consists of various types of fruits, vegetables and cereals. You should make sure that your child definitely completes his breakfast every day. Remember, that breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the whole day. You can include healthy items like:

  • Whole grain cereals,
  • Eggs,
  • Milk,
  • Oats,
  • Peanut butter,
  • Almond butter,
  • Smoothies and various other things in the breakfast menu

Make sure that items which you serve in his breakfast give him the necessary amount of protein, calcium and carbohydrates for the entire day. If you will include healthy things in his meals, you will definitely notice a healthy change in your kid.

Make sure that he gets adequate sleeping – Healthy child does not only eat nutritious food but he also gets proper sleeping. Ensure that your kid gets at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep every day. Adequate sleeping fills us with energy and refreshes our mind. Also, the metabolism of our body gets improved when we sleep for the required period of time. Inculcate healthy sleeping habits in your kid. Make sure that he sleeps as well as gets up early. It is needless to mention that the famous saying “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise“, is completely true!

Include lot of physical activities in his daily routine – Apart from a nutritious and well planned meal as well as sufficient sleeping, there is one more important thing that you need to include in your child’s daily routine. And that is, the inclusion of lot of physical activities. Be it any outdoor game like cricket, football, basketball, etc or the simple indoor physical activities like jumping, walking, running etc; make sure that your kid remains physically active. The good amount of physical activity in your child’s daily routine will make him physically active and will also increase his hunger in a natural way. Try to keep him away from the harmful activities like getting involved with the mobile phone, playing video games, spending time on laptop and other such things. Such activities are harmful for your child’s mental as well as physical health

Ensure that he spends good time in early sunlight – If you are giving milk to your child on a regular basis and you are thinking that you are giving him his daily required amount of calcium, kindly think again. It is important to mention that vitamin D is essential for absorption of calcium. Hence, you need to give calcium plus Vitamin D in order to do the complete job. The best way to get vitamin D is to get it through the natural way and that is, sunlight. Let your child spend enough time under sunlight. The early morning sunlight is considered as the best. During the morning, the sunlight is not at its peak. It is rather mild and considered great for everybody’s health.

Give him lot of water to drink – Enough amount of water is also essential for your child’s health. Recent research says that enough water helps in the proper functioning of mind and improves the same. Good amount of water maintains healthy digestion process. Sufficient amount of water also ensures proper processes of poop and pee. It also maintains the normal temperature of body. Most importantly, good amount of water in your child’s body simply means better power of immunity.

Create a good atmosphere at home – Experts say that the atmosphere of home directly affects the overall well being of your child. Try to create a good and healthy atmosphere in your home. Eat your meals together. Stay calm in any type of situation. Do not shout at each other. Let your child get involved into creative things. Teach him about DIY (do it yourself) crafts. Let him play music. Let him read stories. Give wings to his imagination through painting and drawing. All such activities will make him happy and healthy.