Don’t Let Your Child Become A Cold Magnet – Note Down the Common Symptoms

As a parent we all know that it take a hell lot of efforts in taking care of your child especially when the toddler is easily vulnerable to infections and other health issues. The recent researches have revealed that children under the age of three years catch cold easily and that too seven to eight times a year. This directly indicates that the virus causing this issue is attacking the immune system again and again making it difficult for the child’s body to prevent the after effects. So, you need to be extra cautious and make sure that baby has a good immune system that can encounter such viruses and prevent them to attack the toddler’s body again. You have to follow some major preventive tips that will help you in this regard and will stop your child from being the cold magnet.

However, first you need to check the list of symptoms that give you an idea about what exactly the issue is.

Sore throat: The very first and simple symptom indicating that your child has caught cold is sore throat. It is considered as the common and often the initial sign of cold. This will need approximately 8 to 10 days to get ok.

Running Nose: When you see whitish or transparent discharge from the nose of your toddler, you can guess the right thing i.e. your kid is suffering from cold. It mostly starts from the second or third day but takes a long time to go off the track. In some kids, it takes 10 to 12 days and in some other its takes 15 to 18 days.

Sever cough and congestion: The cold waves do not come alone as they let your kid face through something worse i.e. chest congestion. There are so many kids that need immediate medical assistance when they have severe cough or congestion causing interruption in their normal breathing regime. Again, it takes two or three weeks to get off from this issue.

High Fever: In such cases, fever is a very common symptom and you child can have 102 to 104 degrees F for the initial days and can last much longer than you might have assumed. Just remember, when the temperature goes up, make an urgent visit to your pediatrician and don’t wait as it’s for the safety of your kid.

Well, all these symptoms indicate that your child has caught cold and needs a good pediatrician to handle the case. Apart from this, it’s quiet important to keep your toddler hydrated during this phase and take good care of his/her diet. It will be good if you keep him/her warm with cozy outfit and don’t let the cold breeze worsen the situation.

Also, if your child is on breast feed, make sure that you proper supply of milk that can let him fight with this virus and get well soon.